How To Join Atlantic


We invite you to participate in Atlantic NeuroDiagnostic Group, LLC (ATLANTIC), a specialty neurodiagnositc network serving the Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation industry. ATLANTIC IS THE ONLY COMPANY IN THE COUNTRY THAT PRE-FUNDS ITS CLAIMS WITHIN 72-HOURS OF RECEIPT!

Joining our Network requires two steps:

Step 1: The NeuroDiagnostic Practitioner Agreement must be signed by the owner or authorized representative. If you elect to have more than one location participate in the network, you may list the names and addresses on the signature pages as long as the Tax ID is the same.

Step 2: An Office Application must be completed for EACH location, even if the Tax ID is the same.

Step 3: Physician Applications must be completed for each Practitioner performing services at your Office(s).

After ATLANTIC receives the documents, credentialing will begin immediately. In order to expedite the credentialing process, please return your information as soon as possible. Please feel free to call with any questions or to check on the status of your application.

Our success is the result of a community-based network of providers working to provide quality diagnostic services within a predetermined payment schedule and quality management controls that provide for appropriate services and monitoring of those services. ATLANTIC provides the network, single-source credentialing and pre-funded claims payment. We depend on your commitment to quality. In exchange, ATLANTIC promotes marketing of your office through a single-signature contract accessing many large insurance carriers. Only professionally competent providers that meet our qualification standards will be approved to participate in ATLANTIC.

 Office Application  Physician Application
Office Application
Download, fill out and return

Physician Application, Download, fill out and return

  NeuroDiagnostic Practitioner Agreement, Download, fill out and return


Please contact Network Development
973-451-9415 ext: 8235 for additional information and to receive a Fee Schedule